Welcome to Allergy Free Kids

Welcome to Allergy Free Kids. A resource centre for Parents and Carers of Children with food allergies. As we all know, getting information regarding an allergy can be quite difficult, so we have done the hard work for you. Here you will find information regarding the most common forms of food allergies (the top eight), food intolerance’s, kids’ activities, how to avoid common food allergens, yummy and easy to make allergen friendly recipes, and more.

Our aim is to have as much food allergy information as possible, that is easy to understand and put your mind at ease. We know all too well from personal experience just how scary it is to find out that you and/or a loved one has a food allergy, and not being advised by doctors on the best way to avoid the allergen, or what to do in the event of an allergic reaction.

Living with a food allergy does not mean eating bland, boring food, or missing out on fun activities. More often than not, you will have a more varied and healthier diet, and feel better because of it! Even though living with food allergies can be quite daunting and overwhelming, just a few simple lifestyle changes can mean enjoying the things that non-allergic people enjoy too. Being armed with our food allergy information will go a long way to live confidently, and safely, with your food allergy.

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