About Us

About Allergy Free Kids

So, who are the people behind Allergy free kids? We are James and Lee, who after having a child with a food allergy, and discovering our own food allergies in adulthood, found it hard to find the right information or support. We decided to offer our help to other families who are in the same boat as us. We have spent countless hours researching (hundreds of hours each), looking for, and cross checking information that could help us deal with our own food allergies. Sometimes it was easy, while at other times we were spending hours trying to find the right information. Once we found accurate information, we were all too happy to share in our new-found knowledge.


So who are we? Here is a brief run down on who we are:


Certificate 3 in Children’s Services

Worked for Avon for 14 years

Worked in a soup kitchen (feeding homeless people at Coffs Harbour)

Worked at meals on wheels (in Moree and on the Sunshine Coast)

Worked in a vegan cafe on the Sunshine Coast

Manager of a Laundromat for 2 years

Worked as a Hotel Cleaner for Hotels and Caravan Parks

Worked in retail in second hand shops



Certificate 3 in Information Technology

A+ Certified Professional (Cisco Systems)

Worked in retail in a second hand shop

Worked as a Hotel Cleaner

Worked as a Computer Technician

Worked as a Network and Systems Administrator at various schools



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E-mail: [email protected]

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