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Egg Allergy

Egg Allergy

As eggs are a known allergen, it must be clearly labelled in bold. Here is a list of all the ingredient names eggs are known as:

* Albumin

* Avidin

* Binder

* Dried eggs

* Egg

* Egg solids

* Egg substitutes (some)

* Egg white

* Egg white solids

* Egg yolk

* Flavoproteins

* Glaze (on baked goods)

* Globulin

* Imitation egg product

* Livetin

* Lysozyme

* Meringue mix

* Ovalbumin

* Ovglycoprotein

* Ovomucoid

* Ovomuxiod

* Powdered egg

It’s no wonder avoiding a food allergy is such a nightmare when food manufacturers have at their disposal so many ingredients to choose from. It’s this reason that accidental contact can happen so frequently.

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