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Food Allergy Tips

Food Allergy Tips

Here are some Food Allergy tips and tricks:

Gluten Free Pantry

Have you ever wondered what to use in your Gluten Free recipe, or how to make something simply Gluten Free? We have some solutions to those problems.

Coconut flour

Coconut flour is essentially dried coconut in powdered form. Made from solids remaining after the coconut milk has been extracted. There have been reports of coconut having excellent health properties.

Gluten Free plain flour and self-raising flour

There are so many brands that you can use, good to keep them in the pantry as they can be used instead of traditional flour. These are generally ready-made blended flour mixes.

Xanthan gum

This is used to provide structure and blind Gluten Free baked goods. Made from bacteria in corn syrup, it can have a gummy texture if too much is used, so is used in moderation.

Quinoa flour

This flour is milled from quinoa grain and highly nutritious. Being rich in protein, calcium and iron, it is extremely versatile in Gluten Free baking and works well in bread, cakes and biscuits. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste, so is best used in conjunction with other Gluten Free flour or combined with sweet or stronger flavours.

Potato starch

Not to be confused with potato flour, potato starch is extracted from the starch grains found in potatoes. It helps retain moisture, give a soft texture and acts as a binding agent in Gluten Free baked goods. It is best used in conjunction with other Gluten Free flours, but its prefect for dense, moist recipes like brownies.

Buckwheat flour

Milled from the grain buckwheat, this flour has a distinctive strong earthy flavour, and is commonly used to make noodles and bread. It has quite a sticky texture once moisture is added, and is generally used in conjunction with other Gluten Free flours.

Potato flour

Made from dehydrated potato, this flour can be used as a thickener for sauces and gravies, and works well in pancakes. It holds water, so also helps moisten bread.

Brown rice and White rice

Adding body to Gluten Free blends, Rice Flour is made from finely ground brown or white rice. It has a mild flavour and is often the main ingredient in Gluten Free flour. It has a slightly gritty texture, so is best teamed with Gluten Free flours and starches that have a soft texture, such as cornflour, tapioca or potato.


Often used in Italian food to make a porridge like dish, it can also be added to baking for texture and colour, and used as a coating for foods like schnitzels and chips.

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