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Soy allergies

Soy allergies

This food allergy could prove to be the hardest allergy of them all to avoid, as it is used as an ingredient in nearly every food. Soy has been getting some negative publicity in recent years, but in all honesty, if you’re not allergic to Soy, it is a rather healthy food to eat and a convenient alternative to some of the other food allergies. Soy allergy is an uncommon allergy, but it is most prevalent in children with Dermatitis. Also, children allergic to Soy may increase their allergy with repeated exposure. 1 in 5 children with a Dairy allergy may also be allergic to Soy.

Soy, or Soy products are known by several names, just like the other allergens, so here’s a list of their common names:


* Bean curd

* Endamame

* Hydrolysed Plant Protein

* Hydrolysed Soy Protein

* Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein

* Miso

* Natto

* Okara

* Soja

* Soy

* Soy Lecithin

* Soya

* Soyabean

* Soybean

* Tamari

* Tempeh

* Textured Vegetable Protein

* Tofu

* Yuba

Soy can also be used as either a natural or artificial flavour, so be careful.

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