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Teaching About Food Allergies

Teaching About Food Allergies

Educating non-allergic people about the risks and dangers of food allergies can be one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with a food allergy. So, how do we go about teaching about food allergies? Often, a fear or lack of knowledge can cause confusion and resistance to being supportive of food allergic individuals. But, not all is lost. Being armed with a few helpful tips can make all the difference.

Step 1. Ensure that everyone involved takes food allergies seriously. This is possibly the most important step. If someone isn’t taking allergies seriously, then it will make the following steps near impossible.

Step 2. Don’t share food. Kids often share food with other kids, without even knowing the dangers involved.

Step 3. Teach kids to always wash hands before, and AFTER eating their food. Cross-contamination only takes a microscopic amount of allergen protein to cause anaphylaxis.

Step 4. Ensure other children who are round your child knows what your child is allergic to. Kids can be great at looking out for each other, and the more kids know the dangers of food allergies, the better.

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