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Types of Food Allergies

Types of Food Allergies

So, what are the types of food allergies? There is a multitude of food allergies, and seem to be growing by the day.  Basically, any type of food can cause an allergic reaction. But, most commonly found food that causes allergies are known as the ‘top 8’ food allergens. These eight types of food are the most commonly causing food allergies in babies, children, and increasingly in adults too. A list of food allergies that are common are:




Tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnuts)

Fish (such as bass, cod, flounder)

Shellfish (such as crab, lobster, prawns)


Wheat (Celiac/Coeliac disease)

These types of food allergies are the most frequently causing allergies. They also happen to be the most common food types. Even though these are the most common allergens, any type of food can trigger an allergy. Certain food allergens can lead to allergies to non-food items, for example an allergy to Kiwifruit can trigger an allergic reaction to Latex. It’s rather scary to know that anything you eat has the potential to cause you an allergy. This is why it’s important to recognise and understand the dangers related to food allergies. They can pop up at any time without warning, and you may have even eaten that particular food before.

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