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Wheat Allergies (Celiac Disease)

Wheat Allergies (Celiac Disease)

It still boggles the mind as to how many components a certain type of food can be turned into, so it’s perfectly understandable when Parents and/or Carers of a newly diagnosed child become confused or overwhelmed by the task of avoiding allergy triggers. We know, we’ve been there, and still are. And the daily nightmare of checking food doesn’t stop. Food manufacturers are always changing the ingredients they use, so a particular food that was considered safe last week, may not be safe this week, and vice versa. But we’ll endeavour to help make it easier to identify allergens and their sometimes sneaky names.

* Atta Flour

* Bulgar

* Burghul

* Couscous

* Cracker meal

* Durum

* Farina

* Gluten

* Graham flour

* Kamut

* Matzoh

* Seitan

* Semolina

* Spelt

* Tabouleh

* Triticale

* Wheat

* Wheat bran

* Wheat flour

* Wheat germ

* Wheat meal

* Wheat starch

* Whole wheat berries

It’s easy to see why it can be confusing. While some names are obvious, others are not. Here is another list, but this list contains Wheat alternatives:

* Gluten-free flours

* Rice

* Millet

* Buckwheat

* Polenta

* Corn

* Quinoa

* Tapioca

* Potato

* Sago

* Soy

* Sorghum

* Arrowroot

* Chickpea (besan)

* Coconut

* Lentil

* Pea

* Amaranth

* Lupin

* Psyllium

* Oat

As you can see, there’s plenty of Wheat free alternatives.

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